About Us

Tiffany’s Glorious History:

Tiffany is a company with over 100 years of glorious history. The pioneers of Tiffany focused on giving their customers exclusive masterpieces and an unforgettable shopping experience, which is the focus of Tiffany even to this day. Over the years, the company has extended the range of luxurious products to offer customers variety under one roof and under Tiffany’s exclusive brand. The precious metals, diamonds, gems and other precious stones are all genuine and sourced out from the best mines. Right from its inception, Tiffany has always maintained high standards, from design to packaging. Tiffany bracelets, brooches, bangles, earrings, necklaces, pendants, and watches are manufactured using state-of-the art machinery, paying attention to the minute details in each piece. Quality checks are conducted on each piece of jewelry for their design, craftsmanship, material and finish. Only a beautiful watch of Tiffany caliber is produced after going through such rigorous manufacturing procedures and quality control checks. Tiffany’s products are packaged in elegant signature boxes that are equally beautiful.

Tainted Reputation of Replica Tiffany Jewelry:

Con men are adopting new ways and techniques to make quick money and keep their criminal life active. Counterfeiters are not here to give you the satisfaction of owning a jewelry piece that is a copy of original Tiffany designs. They are here for their own selfish reasons—to make money. Selling replica Tiffany jewelry is oftentimes just a cover up to avoid undue attention to their other illegal businesses. Counterfeiters are generally connected with terrorist organizations and, in order to raise funds for these institutions, counterfeiters often adopt Tiffany’s brand name to sell their fake products and generate some easy money, which may go directly into the hands of terrorists. The success of their business largely depends on their websites. Counterfeiters create alluring and compelling websites to attract customers. They offer huge discounts and unreasonable deals, and any innocent consumer would be tempted to place an order for a replica Tiffany necklace under such conditions. Counterfeiters are violating all the copyright and trademark laws to make money and create threatening circumstances for the society.