Drawbacks of Replica Tiffany Jewelry:

  • They are usually made of cheap metals and fake gem stones.
  • The quality and finish of the final product is often inferior.
  • Replica Tiffany jewelry can be harmful to the skin, causing rashes and allergies.
  • Counterfeiters may hire child labor and desperate workers who are neither qualified nor experienced.
  • Counterfeiters do not generally use any of the latest technology or state-of-the-art machinery to manufacture their products.
  • Quality checks are not usually performed on replica Tiffany jewelry.
  • Replica Tiffany jewelry can be cheaply made, and the metal plating often peels off easily.
  • Replica Tiffany earrings and rings are usually so flimsy that they may only last  a couple of days.
  • Replica Tiffany jewelry will actually cost you more than genuine Tiffany in the long run because you are likely to replace the fake jewelry several times.